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Computer Support!  Talk live now  with
someone that you can understand,
and that understands you!
Let us fix
any of your
 PC problems right now!







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Computer Consulting...Live Support Right Now...

Solutions at a Glance

Online Computer Training and Support 24 hours a day!


A recent survey by PC World said that support service
provided by PC manufacturers is at an all-time low.  Feel
the difference of abasiccomputer.comís
Online Tech-Desk
right now! Get a qualified
support expert working on your
computer problems immediately. At
you will get:
24x7 availability:  Instant help around-the-clock
from anywhere in the world!  Our U.S. based Tech-savvy
staff are:  Highly skilled, friendly
technicians who can fix
problems directly on your
computer and speak the
language you can understand.  Complete coverage: Ask
any questions on any/all
computer-related issues, from
application usage to
hardware/software conflicts, and
more... Very Flexible payment options: Pay as low as
$19.95 per incident or choose from our subscription
plans as low as $24.95/month!


Abasic Computer Training


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