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Since 1996 Abasic Computer Source has helped people with basic computer needs. We offer web site design, in-home & in-office computer support, helpdesk outsourcing, onsite computer support, network support, and top of the line online computer software and hardware support.
Need Support Right NOW?  Visit http://onlinepchelp.net or scroll down to view support options.
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Support Numbers: 513-771-1835 | 513-549-1835 | 513-967-0793  email: help@abasiccomputer.com
This is how our phone support solution works, you give us a call and tell us about your computer problem.  We will then give you a quote on what the price will be to resolve your problem and get you back up and going.  You click the phone support button below and enter that amount of your quote, and then just pay by PayPal / Credit / Debit Card.  If you can't get online use your mobile device, and when payment is recieved, just call us back and we will get started with your phone support.
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